Top 10 Color Prediction Apps & Websites to Earn Free Cash in 2024

Guessing games where you predict future events are really fun. They’re more about guessing right than knowing a lot.

These games are exciting and make you want to keep playing. Color Prediction Games are getting really popular online, just like fantasy sports.

Looking for a quick and easy way to make money online during the festival? Try the color prediction game.

The game uses three colors: red, green, and violet. You can guess and win double your money every three minutes. Here are the top 10 apps for color prediction.

Top 10 Color Prediction Game Apps

Color Prediction App NameApp Download Link
FastwinDownload Link
FiewinDownload Link
Daman GamesDownload Link
Tiranga GamesDownload Link
MantrimallDownload Link
Joy mallDownload Link
ColorWizDownload Link
91 Club GameDownload Link
CockFight GameDownload Link
Reliance MallDownload Link

Note: Be careful, as there are many fake websites out there.

Detailed Look at Some Apps

Fastwin Color Prediction Game

Sign up, get a bonus, and withdraw your winnings easily. Low withdrawal fee means you keep more money. Invest a little to earn more. Play games like quick parity, Minesweeper, and the classic 3-minute color prediction game. Fastwin is a top choice for color prediction games.

Fastwin download linkDownload Link
Fastwin referral codelucky15165
Sign up bonus100
Minimum PayoutRs 31
Refer amountRS 10
Payout optionBank Account, Paytm , UPI

Fiewin Color Prediction Game

Play on any device and earn Paytm cash by guessing colors correctly. Refer friends for bonuses. Fiewin is trusted for earning pocket money easily.

Fiewin download linkDownload Link
Fiewin referral code2345623
Sign up bonus500
Minimum PayoutRs 200
Refer amountRS 30
Payout optionBank Account, Paytm 

Daman Games

A new gaming revolution. Play color prediction, aviator, rummy, and more to win big. Easy wins by choosing your league. Get a signup bonus for free gameplay.

Daman Games download linkDownload Link
Daman Games referral code475413837615
Sign up bonus100
Minimum PayoutRs 100
Refer amountRS 138
Payout optionBank Account, USDT 

Tiranga Games Color Prediction Game

Join and get a Rs 500 bonus without needing to recharge. Withdraw even without playing. Earn commissions by referring others.

Tiranga Games download linkDownload Link
Tiranga Games recommendation code48853551
Sign up bonus500
Minimum PayoutRS 100
Refer amountRS 20
Payout optionBank Account, Paytm

MantriGame Color Prediction Game

Use bonuses to make money in 2024. Follow winning strategies and refer friends to earn. Play on Android and iOS or via web browser..

Mantrigame download linkDownload Link
Mantrigame referral code3654273
Sign up bonus100% Bonus
Minimum PayoutRs 130
Refer amountRs 100
Payout optionBank Account

JoyMall Color Prediction Game

Earn by making correct predictions and referring friends. Predict colors, place your bets, and win real cash.

JoyMall download linkDownload Link
Joymall recommendation code87591154
Sign up bonus100
Minimum PayoutRs 100
Refer amountRS 138
Payout optionBank Account, Paytm 

ColorWiz Color Prediction Game

Win money fast with instant withdrawals. Earn big through referrals. A year-long running app with great feedback.

ColorWiz  download linkDownload Link
ColorWiz  referral codeNA
Sign up bonus108
Minimum Payout200
Refer amountUpto Rs 1000 paytm cash
Payout optionBank Account, Paytm 

91 Club  Color Prediction Game

Make money by predicting colors and referring friends. An essential app for online earning with a user-friendly interface.

91 Club Games download linkDownload Link
91 Club referral codeGUDKOLWS
Sign up bonus100
Minimum PayoutRs 100
Refer amountRS 100
Payout optionBank Account, Paytm 

CockFight Game Color Prediction Game

Win Paytm cash daily by predicting colors correctly. Refer friends for commissions. Enjoy daily prizes and tasks.

CockFight Game download linkDownload Link
CockFight Game referral codeNA
Sign up bonus121
Minimum PayoutRs 200
Refer amountRS 20
Payout optionBank Account, Paytm 

Reliance Mall Color Prediction Game

A new app for playing online color prediction games. Play various games and win money. Start by downloading the app.

Reliance download linkDownload Link
Reliance referral codeGJDKLCBS
Sign up bonus10
Minimum PayoutRs 200
Refer amountRs 100
Payout optionIMPS


If you have free time and want to win great prizes and cash, try these color prediction games. This guide should help you make money from the comfort of your home. Just make the right predictions with these apps.

Disclaimer: These games involve financial risk and can be addictive. Play responsibly. We’re just informing you about these games and are not responsible for any losses or profits.

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